Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Spoil Your Doggies

Roll out the dough, using flour when sticky
I'd been traveling for a week, so when I came home I wanted to bake.  Upon discovering that our doggie cookie jar was empty, that settled the question of what to bake.  Dog treats, of course!

I've been using a recipe from FLOUR, but saw this one at King Arthur and decided to give it a try.  It has peanut butter, and what dog doesn't like peanut butter?

So I mixed up the ingredients, rolled out the dough (on my new kitchen baking center--wood makes the best dough surface!) , and used my dog biscuit cookie cutter to cut a LOT of treats.  I doubled the recipe because I have double the dogs.  :-)
These don't puff, so you can place them side by side

I baked them for the allotted time, then kept them in the oven a while to really make sure they were crisp.  The other recipe I use keeps the cookies in the oven for six to eight HOURS, so I know how important it is for the cookies to be thoroughly baked and crisp.

Result?  One happy dog! 
The result?  Two paws up.  The doggie love the cookies.  They're so funny.  In the morning, when I'm pulling my vitamins from the cabinet near the doggie cookie jar, Babe sits right next to the cabinet and keeps cutting her gaze from me to the cookie jar.  Who says dogs can't talk?  Her message is clear enough.

Caution:  as the recipe says, these are relatively high-calorie treats, so one per day should be the limit for your pup.



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Tamera Alexander said...

Can't wait to make these for Jack, Angie! Thanks much! LOVE this blog, woman!