Monday, February 6, 2012

what I am making for book club tonight!

My book club read THE WEDNESDAY WARS this month, and the book features cream puffs in a starring role. So what better to make than this delectable confection?

I'll report back later . . . I've already baked the puffs and prepared two fillings, but have yet to put it together or to spin the sugar. We'll see how that goes today!



Anonymous said...

Please post the completed pictures. They look so beautiful! I may have to schedule a baking lesson with you when I'm home this summer. The stuff you make is seriously impressive!
Much love!

Angela said...

I would LOVE that Nikki! I love teaching in my kitchen (though it's more like trial-and-error-along-with-Angie), so let's do it. :-)


Mocha with Linda said...

Another impressive undertaking! Sounds delicious!