Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No time to bake . . . wah!

Alas, the holidays are over and I am back at work.  And I usually work until way past dark, so I'm not sure I'll have much time for baking . . . but that's okay.  It makes the time I DO find all the more special.

What are you baking? How do you find time for it?  Do you find yourself baking only for special occasions, or you do just find yourself drawn to the kitchen?  I'd love to hear some of your baking stores to inspire me as I try to get another book out of my head and into the computer.

I do have one small consolation -- I'm having my protagonist work in a bakery, so I can live vicariously through her, at least!  LOL!



Mocha with Linda said...

Sorry you can't bake. However, since I can't eat what you bake but I can read what you write, I'm not too disappointed you've traded the mixer for the keyboard! LOL

sparky_writer said...

Sorry you don't have as much time to bake! I haven't been able to bake as much as I wanted either...With work and school, I only get to bake every now and then. But this week I had an extra day off work so I made blueberry and cherry muffins from scratch and gingersnap cookies! Delicious! Now I get to go share them with my youth group tonight! :)